A sample of comments from our customers

Sharon,I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help in getting those two rentals ready to rent. And, with the flood house, how you got the repairs done so quickly. I don’t think I could have arranged it so fast. It would have taken me another month.

Thank you so much for all of your prompt help this week-end. You have always been so great about that and want you to know how much I appreciate it!
Thanks again!

However just wanted to let you know we are truly enjoying the new place. Thank you for making this move + transition so easy.

4/29/2013 Dear Tom and Sharon,
On behalf of both Donna and myself, let me express our appreciation to you for having us as tenants, you have both been very professional and helpful making our stay with you a very pleasant one. I’m hoping our relationship with our new landlords will be as congenial.
Ross and Donna

We have enjoyed our time here and dealing with you.
Jim & Maureen

04/2013 Dear G&G Property Mngmnt-
Thank you for so promptly fixing my maintenance request. I really appreciate how quickly it was taken care of despite the grossness of the water. I also appreciate how quickly you responded to my request in regards to my record of payments.
Thank you,

G&G Properties
We have enjoyed our stay and would recommend to anyone to rent from the Royle family
Thank you

Dear G&G Property,
Thank you for the many years of awesome Management.

Tom, of G&G Properties, handled a property of ours for eight years, and in all that time he never missed a step. He worked with difficult renters and a sometimes difficult owner (me) and always stayed unemotional and professional. He didn’t let any of us get away with anything, and he knows the contracts and how to see that they are followed. He never sugar coats anything, and I never felt like he was trying to take advantage of anyone (renter or owner) for personal profit. He’s one of the most honest, upfront people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with, and he’s not my brother-in-law. He isn’t easily conned by renters who want to break the contract. A+ in my books.