Work Order

Click on the link below to fill out a Work Order Form:


Thank you for your interest in our properties.  Please read carefully before completing the application.

The above form is in a PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the form (version 8.0 or newer to complete and send the form online*). Your computer may already have Adobe Reader installed, but if not the download is free.

*Online fillable forms will send from most popular browsers (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), but the online send feature may not work in some versions of Google Chrome.

Our goal is to process your application within 48 hours of receipt of your application and application fee.  Applications are evaluated in the order they are received.  We accept the first application that meets our rental qualifications.

Rental Qualifications

Do you currently or have you ever had any of the following?  Child Support Withholding Orders or Liens, Bankruptcy’s, Collection Accounts, Judgments, Liens, Evictions, or 20 Day Notices.  Do you or your co-applicant have a criminal record? If so, please discuss with us prior to completing an application.  If you have any questions, please ask.

  • Monthly Income:  Monthly net income, (take home pay), must be 2 ½ times the rent.  Please submit pay stubs for a 30 day period.  Your pay stubs must show your year to date income.  When applying with a roommate, at least one person must make a monthly net income 2 ½ times the rent.  Incomes cannot be combined unless you are married.
  • Credit Reports:   We run a credit report.  The fee for one person is $45.00.  The fee for two people is $80.00.
  • Pets:  Our properties DO NOT accept pets unless advertised.
  • Cars:  Most properties will take two (2) operable cars, however some properties will only allow (1) car per unit.
  • People per unit:  We follow the HUD rules.
  • References:   All applicants must provide rental references for at least (1) year or more that can be verified.

Please ask questions regarding our qualifications.  We would rather address your concerns regarding any past rental or credit issues prior to processing your application.  We are here to assist you.